1. The context menu button

Almost unknown for many users is the “context menu button”. This little-noticed button is on every Standard keyboard right at the bottom between the keys “Alt Gr” and “Ctrl”. So if you want to call, for example, the properties of a file, you can use instead of right-click just the “context menu button”.

2. File Explorer

the files copy, paste, delete, rename. Create new folders or move, as these file operations are performed through the Explorer, you can display, quickly and easily with the key combination “Windows” + “E”.

3. Windows-settings

would you like To have a setting in the System, the path leads to virtually change the “Windows settings”. Instead of going the longer way via the start menu or the Info Center, use it to call the settings, press the key combination “Windows” + “I”. About the experts

Jörg Hähnle author and has been writing for many years books to all versions of Windows. He runs the Forum Paules-PC-Forum.de in which users help each other in solving their PC problems and was awarded in July 2018 by Microsoft for the Windows Insider Most Valuable Professional (WI MVP).

4. The new Emojis

The shortcut key “Windows” + “.” (Point) opens directly to the text cursor, a small window with numerous Emojis, which you can use to design your texts. The selection is similar to those of the news-Messenges WhatsApp on the Smartphone.

5. Clipboard history

Since the Windows 10 Version of 1809 (October 2018 Update) can save the clipboard several items. With the key combination “Windows” + “V” to invoke the clipboard history and can choose from the previously discarded elements of the desired Insert. Of course need to previously be turned on once via the “Windows settings-Start – System – clipboard – clipboard history”.

6. Application to close

With the keys “Alt” + “F4” to close them as quick as a flash the active program window. A question to closure. On the Desktop, you can take this key combination to the “shut down”-Dialog and Windows shut down, restart, or sleep mode.

8. Font on Internet pages, zoom

With the keys “CTRL” + “+” you can, if necessary, the font on any web page to zoom in to better read it. The combination “Ctrl” + “-” zooms out again, and with “Ctrl” and “0” to reset the page back to the default font size. More on the topic of Windows Windows TippsDie best Windows 10 features that almost no one knows the Edge Microsoft Edge before the Browser is Chromium file loss replaced threatens Microsoft starts new attempt for Windows Update

9. Screen copies

Press the keys “Windows” + “print” Windows creates a copy of the entire screen and saves it as a PNG picture in the folder pictures/Screenshots. You want to capture only a portion of an image, use the key combination “Windows” + “shift” + “S”. The prepared image is then also attached as a PNG graphic in the clipboard and is available for further processing. Alternatively, you can launch from the start menu, the new App “sketch” cut.

10. A Secret tip: The quick start menu

Behind the Windows button on the you go to the start menu, hiding a menu, the quick start menu. You can open it by right-clicking on the Windows button or using the key combination “Windows” + “X”. The menu provides you with quick access to important system components such as device Manager or disk management. Here, the Digital-to-Newsletter

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