Serie A, He could just sit back and wait, but Dries Mertens (32) wipte at Diego Maradona. The Red Devil is sitting on 116 goals for Napoli and the Argentinian has just one less and less. In an interview with the Italian Corriere dello Sport , but Fell to’ his admiration of the other ‘DM’ is not the way. “He was born with as a striker, only to know He don’t.”

in Less minutes, and less penalties, more flexibility in the way in which. With two goals against Salzburg and crossed He Will be the Neapolitan one God, forever in the past in respect of the number of goals for Napoli. Will is now of 116, the Outside of klokte down to 115. “I Will be welcomed,” said ‘Fell’ in an interview with Corriere dello Sport . “It was definitely not a disappointment and that he was better than my goal. When he went in goal, I was thinking of the club of Rome and certainly not to me.”

“He is a born central midfielder, just he did that to himself. All of which is to score goals, he was unable to make it, he needed to not have the attacker in his heart and soul are in”, said Maradona, who is also a fervent hope that the Red Devil and his expiring contract at the Naples club to grow. “I would like to have something to do, so he doesn’t leave. It’s okay to be a professional football player to have to go in search of a better salary, but the fact is that it Will and nowhere else in the world, so loved, so respected, so as to be spoiled and to feel so important, and will make you feel like in the City.”

Will’s over the age of 30, but running, playing, and scoring, with the freshness and enthusiasm of a young boy.

in The meantime, the 58-year-old Maradona is now coach to work with Gimnasia y Esgrima in his country of origin is a fiery appeal to Right-voorzitterAurelio De Laurentiis. “Dear president, do not let him go. He is now over the age of 30, and I know it. But he runs and plays and doesn’t worry with the freshness and enthusiasm of a young boy. But if the Will is really of the other resorts look up to, he needs to realize that there will always be a place in my club. I have a Daughter is always a nice guest to have been found. He’s nice, and it plays just fine.”