Will be cake — and Easter: cream soda or Italian panettone brought to the house, that was something to celebrate

No quarantine and the crisis will not prevent April 19, all Orthodox celebrate Easter, the family gathered at the table, which must be Easter cakes and painted eggs. But what if you crippled the remote training of children or remote operation so that the strength and desire to pastries left? Order your soft and delicious cakes from the professionals shop for bakers and confectioners “Let’s bake!”. By the way, everyone who made the order for the sum from 1000 roubles, give a kit for decorating eggs,* so about the second mandatory for the festive table dishes to worry is not necessary.

You can indulge in a fashionable Italian cake panettone dough with moist air and at the same time structure. He has a weightless texture and cut a piece similar to the lace due to the abundance of beautiful holes. He is so gentle that there is even a romantic version of the origin of this dessert: supposedly invented it for his beloved Milan, the Baker’s apprentice by the name of Antonio. This one definitely will gather hundreds of likes on instagram.

of Course, there are unleavened cake with a juicy crumb and a creamy finish. From its soft creamy colors, even the mood rises! And inside hide candied orange and raisins soaked in orange juice. From one of the description already salivating, just imagine what it would be like to Easter a piece of this delicacy!