Why the police believed the Bolshoi theatre the most criminal place in Moscow

Crime 26/12/19 Why the police believed the Bolshoi theatre the most criminal place in Moscow

the Leaders of the Soviet Union dreamed that aliens were evaluated by a “red Empire” for its lush facade. However, as in the case of “Potemkin villages”, the truth shone out through the cracks. The pride of the Moscow Bolshoi theatre on the sunset of Soviet power has become a real hangout, a gathering of criminal elements.

Currency speculators

a cruel joke with the “Big” played its popularity. In 1980-ies the Soviet intelligentsia have enough “bread and circuses” was unavailable. In the era of stagnation around the tickets in a Large theatre formed a “infrastructure”, through which to feed the dozens of middlemen and distributors. The chain began with students receiving tickets in preferential order and small speculators, vastaavassa queue at the ticket office to buy a ticket for 30 roubles, and then profitable to sell to the middleman. But mostly on the black market got the tickets received at the armor that was supposed to the employees of the Ministry of culture, Council of Ministers, the CPSU Central Committee and other departments. Officials rather cool attitude toward art – and ultimately the tickets were deposited in the pockets of speculators.

“Ordinary” audience had only a place in the gallery that satisfied not all. Although many were willing to pay for the ticket hundreds of rubles (more than average government salaries), to purchase them exclusively for the currency. And they were sold to those who have this currency was. Deals with foreigners were committed in the stalls, the canteen and the toilet “Big”. Speculators have found accomplices among bus drivers “Intourist” and guide-interpreters. For foreigners to deal with illegal immigrants was more profitable than the “Intourist”. “Officially” tickets in “Big” was sold for $ 35, and with hands they can be purchased for only $ 10.

So amassing fortunes. Nfor example, the Soviet operatives memorable character named Octoder, arrived in the capital of Ulan-Ude. Externally, the Siberian was nothing like the connoisseur of art – unwashed and unkempt, he even in warm weather, went in ragged jacket and a fur cap. However, the man moved such large amounts that the wads of bills in the calculations was measured with a ruler. Numerous administrative fines in such revolutions were not for him. The income of Occidere and other major players in the ticketing business reached 5 thousand rubles a day. In this case, “professionals” sought a lump sum to keep more than $ 50, departing thereby from prosecution for foreign exchange transactions.

To solve the problem of speculation tickets, even offered to sell them at the box office for hard currency, and among the Soviet people to distribute exclusively through the company.

the Nest of corruption

Along with the Moscow hotel “natsional” and “Metropol” Theater square Manila to a currency prostitutes masquerading as avid theatralic.

“According to experts, this place is less profitable – to meet you in the theater with foreigners is not always possible. But calmer: racketeers, pimps, and other gang scum almost do not disturb “lovers of art”, — wrote in 1991, the publicist Larisa Kislinskaya the magazine “Man and law”.

At the Theatre square was “exclusive”. Probably because of associations with homosexual tendencies, many figures of the ballet “Bolshoi theatre” has become the center of male prostitution in the USSR. To sell themselves to young men in Moscow was risky, since the Soviet penal code provides punishment for sodomy. But the earnings were decent – due to the rarity of “services” to wealthy foreigners were willing to pay large sums of money. The artists of the Bolshoi theater did not hesitate to offer your body during a foreign tour.

Sometimes a good “earning” homosexuals were victims of crime. But to investigate crimes against gays, such as the murder of one of the performers of the troupe in the early 1990s, for police officers was extremely difficult as Soviet men of nonconventional orientation differed by stealth and were reluctant to testify.

Timur Sagdiyev

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