Why Russian special forces use camouflage uniforms of the Waffen SS

Weapons 25/12/19 Why the Russian special forces use camouflage Waffen SS

In the military, borrowing from the enemy successful, effective solutions — the usual case. It happened with camo, “peeped” in the Great Patriotic war the Nazis, and is still used in the Russian special forces. The colours are called “Partisans” or “SS-summer”.

Why do you need camouflage

it would Seem, on the battlefield is enough to disguise the shape of khaki (or sand colors, if the war in the desert). But eye still sees a silhouette even dressed in khaki soldier. The objective of camouflage is to confuse the observer. Immeasurably increases the value of camouflage for special operations, when you have to hide in the vegetation. Famous American fighters face painting serves the same purpose, turning the recognizable traits in a set of colored spots.

Back to the camouflage. Military theorists distinguish two main functions: 1) deforming serving as the violation of the integrity of perception of the object; 2) simulation, designed to realize the inseparability of the object from the background.

the straining function is implemented by breaking the silhouette on a contrasting color spots. Simulation is achieved by the use of colors, similar to that typical for the area where you intend to use the camouflage.

And it is a summer camo SS complex to cope with both functions. The colors used up to six colors, and the pattern is not geometrical, and explosive colored dots scattered across the fabric, which creates the effect of noise and blurs the boundaries between the colors and blurs the silhouette.

I Serve Russia!

the First samples of summer camouflage SS, fallen into the hands of the red army soldiers were sent to Moscow, to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Here, based on captured uniforms were basic research with the involvement of experts in various fields. New camouflage for the red army was ready in 1944. First of kamuflirovannayaOh fabric sewed camouflage, since 1957, started production of overalls, repeatedly modernizirovana based on the experience of field application.

Kamuflirovannaya overalls provided razvedchiki infantry, airborne division and special forces, snipers, guards. There is a winter version, when the camouflage fabric is sewn upper warm clothes.

This camouflage proved their effectiveness during operations in the “green stuff” during the fighting in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

currently, the Russian army used several camo options, including on the basis of digital patterns. However, professionals prefer to use the good old “SS-summer”/”Partizan”, of proven effectiveness.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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