Who will put vaccinated against the coronavirus? Discuss live with random passers-by

Today it became known that Russia was the first vaccine against coronavirus. And it has set itself one of the daughters of Vladimir Putin.

I know that this vaccine was made on the basis of adenoviral vectors, it works more accurately, creates a persistent antibody immune system. One of my daughters took this shot. The first day had a temperature of 38, the second — 37, and all. Feels well, — said the head of state at a meeting on the preparations for the school year.

Talk about how to put an inoculation or not, are already beginning to circulate in the society. We decided to learn how the city’s residents to be vaccinated from COVID-19. Are they willing to put a flu shot, and not afraid of the consequences — the journalist Alina Kaur spoke with passersby on the streets of Novosibirsk.