The Style was to camp, pulled up, pushed down, and is very hard to run for any of the IKEA collection is Markerad, which was launched in the Belgian stores of the Swedish living shop. In less than an hour, with almost all of the items out of stock, and now it’s already a lot of items at a variety of price tweedehandssites available. What makes the collection so special? One name: Virgil Abloh.

the receipt, as a carpet, a three-dimensional mirror, and see the Mona Lisa as a light bulb. This is a selection of the productcollectie that in the Us a fashion designer, an artist and a dj Virgil Abloh, has been designed for US.Previously, Abloh has already carpets for the Swedish store, that is, in a very limited quantity to sell.

See also the Rush to the new collection of IKEA Gent: “is That a green carpet and I have to absolutely have to have”

Abloh says, are 15 products in the existing Markerad collection, focusing on young adults who are looking for a strong statement in their first home: “I hope that the products of the humour and the irony in your own home, and at the same time, a lasting sentimental value in their areas.The collection is made up of raw materials, such as a table, a chair, a dress, and a watch. Also, Ablohs a registered trademark, and the phrase ” he or she will often be around the words in its product insert, are included. “WET GRASS” is in white letters on a kunstgrastapijt.
Why the rush?

Virgil Abloh, who grew up in Chicago and is an engineer-architect by training, was until a few years geledenverantwoordelijk for the artwork and the look of the brand, Kanye, West, all of which translated into album covers, concert tours, and merchandise. He also had his own fashion boutique, RSVP Gallery in Chicago, and flew out as a dj around the world. However, he gained his only real glory, for the public at large, when in 2012 his own label, Off-White, and an artist.

after the example of his great hero, the belgian Raf Simons, he wanted to be the divide between high fashion and streetwear will be demolished, and they did it well. In 2014, he introduced his first women collection for the Paris Fashion Week and it brought him a nomination for the prestigious LVMH prize. It brought him into contact with all of the major names in the world of fashion, that is, when a block fell on his baggy pants, with a white verfstrepen on bomber jackets, with legerprint, hoodies, with the words from the previously-mentioned, double quotes, and long sweaters. Soon, layers of designs on the shelf vanbijvoorbeeld Dover Street Market in New York city and Harrod’s in London, the expensive shops, the best of the best in fashion at present.

See in the picture.