Less than four years after the government kicked off, it will be Sophie Wilmès (MR) is the first minister to be allowed to call them that. It’s not just the prime minister of the government in pending cases, which are 38 out of 150 Votes is busy, but still, the 44-year-old Wilmès in the history books as the first woman to become prime minister of this country.

as of bekendraakte Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, would have to be one of the top candidates to be his successor at the head of the government. That was four years ago, it may be different, as they are completely surprising to the minister of the Budget, the federal government has kicked off, as the successor of Hervé Jamar, who is the governor of the province of Liège.

Read, Charles Michel, wants to be in the beginning of november, to resign as prime minister

Wilmès, graduated, and applied communication, advertising and marketing in Brussels, IHECS. After completing her studies, she went on to work for the European Commission, where she is working as a financial manager working on projects related to international cooperation and the enlargement of the Eu. At school she has a special degree in financial management, and that’s how the bio on her web site.

In september 2005, it was Wilmès an economic and financial consultant to a law firm that specializes in corporate and business law. A job they chose to have in 2007, the ship will be in Sint-Genesius-Rode. In the term before that, she was already a councillor in sint-genesius-rode. She was also in the provincial council of Flemish Brabant, which, for them, a Member of parliament was. In 2013, she became president of the MR division in the outskirts of Brussels.

A year later, she made her entrance into the Room, as the successor of the deputy prime minister, Didier Reynders. There was in the parliamentary Committee for Finance and Budget. In september 2015, pushed by the federal government, where they are, Hervé Jamar’s head. After the departure of the N-VA out of government, she was given the powers of the Civil service and for scientific policy, at. After the elections, on the 26th of may, she was re-elected to the Chamber.

and The liberal politicians, has four children and is married to an Australian.