Where in Novosibirsk will block traffic during a Victory parade and rehearsals — published map

on the day of the Victory parade, June 24, and at the time of his rehearsal, June 20, movement in the centre of Novosibirsk will block.

the Scheme of restrictions was introduced by the head of the Department of culture, sport and youth policy, Vice-the mayor of Novosibirsk Anna Tereshkova during an online conference in TASS.

— had to do everything to protect citizens and to comply with all sanitary regulations. The overlap of the streets will be standard, as we do it on May 9th. Overlap two days — June 20 from 7:30 to 14:30, June 24 from 7:00 to 12:00. During a rehearsal of the parade and during the parade will be blocked all the entrances to the subway Lenin square, — told Vice-the mayor.