Where are you going? Show how the driver knocks down a young girl on the move — both not looking at each other

In the project “Where are you going?” today, a typical accident on a pedestrian crossing — turning a car hits someone and not looking around. In any case, formally blame the driver, but how many times have said: crossing the road, stands a vigilant watch in all directions. Details in the article of Dmitry Kosenko.

the Intersection of Family Shamshinykh and Frunze, cars the green light, the right lane goes right on Frunze. At this moment the intersection in the left lane pulls up Mazda — the driver was apparently in a hurry and makes a right turn from the left row, while trying to outrun a minivan. The Zebra crossing the road passes a girl who is not looking towards the approaching machines. For some strange reason does not see the pedestrian and the driver of the Mazda, maybe a review of him, blocking the counter. After a moment, the car hit the girl, watch the video.