What's wrong with the law of pair cases

Another 19/01/20 What’s wrong with the law of pair cases

We often have to watch after some memorable event, a local or global scale, it is the repetition variable. Talking about the unwritten law of pair cases, that humanity is trying to explain is not the first century.

This cannot be

Even the staunchest skeptic throws up his hands when found with the manifestation of the law of pair cases. Sometimes it’s so crazy that refuse to believe in the reality of what happened. Here is one example. On 28 July 1900 the Italian king Umberto I, went to dine in a small restaurant town of Monza. There he met the owner, who like two drops of water was similar to that of the monarch. It turned out that they were born on the same day, their wives wore the same name, and the date of the opening of the restaurant coincided with the date of the coronation of Umberto. The next day the king and restaurateur died in independent of each other tragic circumstances within a few hours.
the British newspaper “Weekend” of may 19, 1976, describes two cases, occurring within one year in the American Detroit, when the same kid fell in the 14th floor, and every time he caught one and the same person – a Figlok Joseph, by a strange coincidence, turns around.
Relatively recent, well known example of the law of pair cases linked to the catastrophe of the Boeing 777-200ER Malaysian airlines that happened in 2014. March 8 flight MN370 flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, but disappeared from radar 40 minutes after takeoff. And on July 17 in Eastern Donetsk region collapsed flight MH17, held a course from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
These and similar incidents refute a common assertion that the shell twice in the same funnel does not fall. Here comes into action the other rule is embodied in wise people’sSTI: “the trouble has come – open the gates” or, alternatively, – trouble “go in pairs”.
a Similar pattern can confirm the players at whist, who claim that the “minuscule goes a couple”, in other words rare in-game situation has a habit of repeating itself after a short period of time. And personal experience of many people gives many examples of pairs of certain events.
According to statistics, the likelihood of recurrence of any event is directly proportional to the time elapsed since the first event. Therefore, the smaller the time interval between two similar events, the more compelling for us the law of pair cases.

a Chain of unconscious patterns

Researchers involved in the theme of the paired cases have drawn attention to the fact that in some areas they occur most often. The law of pair cases works flawlessly in medicine. If you got a patient with Tourette’s syndrome, then soon expect another one.
Doctor Larisa Rakitin says that one day her duty in her ward received two patients with similar names – Samodurova and Durakova, neither before nor after her such names are not met. It also notes the trend towards paired or triple groupings of rare complications, for example, the loss of drainages after surgery or the onset of polio after SARS.
the Topic of illness, death, tragedy, in some mysterious way attracts pair and even multiple occasions. Researchers try to explain this pattern by the fact that the fear associated with a possible failure or death, the consciousness to dwell on negative scenarios and how would increases the probability of its realization.
Historian Alexander Bezborodov drew attention to the fact that almost all US presidents whose election year ended in a zero had a tragic end. Abraham Lincoln (1860), James Garfield (1880), William McKinley (1900), John Kennedy (1960) was killed, Henry Harrison (1840), Warren Harding (1920), Franklin Roosevelt (1940) died, and Ronald Reagan (1980) almost died after the attack. But gave each of them a mystical significance to the number “0” is unknown.
Some examples of the law of pair cases take the form of predictions of the coming event. In 1898, American writer Morgan Robertson published a Novella “Futility, or the wreck of the Titan”, which is miraculously imprinted the details of a future disaster of the Titanic occurred in 1912. Matched the main characteristics of the ships, time (April midnight) and the reason for the crash (the iceberg), and the number of victims.
Representatives of the exact Sciences, though without any success, trying to give his explanation of the law of pairwise coincidences. Doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Mikhail Sarychev, said that a series of similar disasters is a manifestation of the game, His Majesty’s Case, which at the same time has its own pattern. It is, according to the scientist, can be defined by mathematical formulas, but it is so complex and still inaccurate, which layman do not understand.

blame the unconscious

Most deeply with issues of repetition of certain events engaged in psychologists, but the scope of their interests, of course, did not concern phenomena on a planetary scale, and confined exclusively mental life of man. In 1900 work “the Interpretation of dreams” by Sigmund Freud had been put forward an interesting theory, called the “neurosis of fate.” From the point of view of psychoanalysis, it is an internal state of the person associated with the experiences on the background of the recurring fatal circumstances arising from the operation of unconscious processes.
On the basis of numerous observations of his patients and analyze the actions of literary characters, Freud came to the conclusion that in mental life there is a tendency for obsessive repetition of a previously completed script, allowing you to drop attributed to this phenomenon of mystical meaning, expressed in the “pursuit of destiny”.
According to its founder, psichuanese, the emergence of neurosis of destiny creates the man himself, or rather his unconscious intentions. In more detail the mechanism of compulsive repetition, Freud revealed in “beyond the pleasure principle” (1920), noting that it is an effective in the life of a neurotic: as a result of early infantile experiences, the mechanism of compulsive repeating over and over again makes a person them back.
Freud argues that the man himself is repeating infantile experiences returns and related events. He cites the example of a woman who got married three times and all three times she had to live with sick husbands and care for them until their deaths. Why repeat something that causes displeasure, that is, to resurrect a traumatic experience in the past? Freud says: the meaning must be sought in the nature of the unconscious, which simply implements the true desire of man.
Interpretation of unconscious coincidences involved and Carl Gustav Jung, who together with the physicist Wolfgang Pauli in “Synchronicity, or random connection” (original title “the Interpretation of nature and the soul”) has set out its views on this phenomenon. On the pages of his book, the authors try to explain the synchronicity from the point of view of academic science, and esoteric practices.
eventually they come to a pretty bold conclusion, according to which coincidences are a manifestation of a universal principle, not yet installed, but having very specific physical laws. Synchronistic phenomena, according to Jung, reflect the relationship of the human psyche and external events, which lie in a common space, in other words he suggests that “thoughts create the basis for a series of random events”.
this is Especially manifested in the collective unconscious. According to this theory, when a patient dies, then the entire hospital found out about this event begins to produce fear of death. Creates the effect of “electric atmosphere”, which thickensmiling at the weakest patient and very quickly “kills” him.

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