Showbiz The Dirven (31), which is the second-to-last season of ‘the Blind got Married was associated with Damiano, it goes through a deep valley. That is, let them know via a direct message on Instagram. This shows that they are in a relationship, but that in the meantime, hit the rocks and is gone.

It looks like This, but will not be allowed to be in a steady relationship. During the ” Blind, Married, and turned to the experimentmet Damiano out of a divorce and her new relationship, it is now to an end. That leaves the 31-year-old flight attendant from Antwerp itself is an emotional post on Instagram. This tells that they have all the silence you had to know after their participation in the VTM program, but that’s a fairy tale, meanwhile, came to an end, and with a lot of heartbreak and pain as a result.

‘ My relationship is just done. I hadn’t known that I had a boyfriend for the sake of his privacy. But a broken heart, and I hate it,” sighs she. “I’ve seen it many times in my life, to live it. But how many times I have been through a lot, and I’m always on top by quite a good name for myself. So, I’ve had a foot massage, too.”

The will, with its message and also others to cheer them up. “What I will do if I get something like that happens, it is bales, and all of them allow it. Some people want to feel that pain, not the feeling, but at some point you will feel them anyway, so it’s better to allow it”, what it sounds like. ‘What I find helps, is to talk about it with other people. I think it’s nice to know that there is often support comes from an unexpected source. And I try to focus on the things that are going on in my life. I have some good friends that I can count, and I try to focus on my work.”