What is known about the vaccine against the coronavirus, which is experiencing a

Today, may 30, it became known that Novosibirsk center “Vector” has developed a vaccine against coronavirus, and is in its preclinical trials.

this was stated by the General Director of “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov in the film Naila Asker-zade “Threat virus. The vaccine” on TV channel “Russia-1” on Saturday, according to news Agency TASS. The premiere of the film scheduled for 20:40.

told in 5 points that is known at the moment about this development.

the Drug will not be placed on the classical scheme intramuscular injection, it will enter internatilnal scheme — that is to drip in nouge launched a full-scale preclinical trial data of drugs in terms of effectiveness and safety.
Animals responded well to the tests of a vaccine against the coronavirus that causes adverse reactions are not revealed, of the temperature rise were not observed.According to optimistic forecasts, “Vector” expects to begin the first clinical trials in late June — early July. Be completed in mid-September.
native also believes that there should accelerate the process of creating a vaccine against the new coronavirus infection, not to hurt people or not to create a useless product.Clinical studies of vaccines developed by the centre will undertake on volunteers from 18 to 60 years.
Studies of the vaccine against the new coronavirus on children can begin at the beginning of 2021, while they are in clinical trials do not attract. Studies in children and in people older than 60 years can begin only after the registration of the vaccine.
People who are already ill with novel coronavirus infection, are unable to participate in clinical trials of a vaccine against this disease.
the Final group of volunteers can be formed only seven days before we start a clinical study.
the first phase will be vaccinated 10 volunteers from 18 to 30 years. Seven days after the introduction of the first vaccine in the absence of adverse reactions Budut grafted the remaining people.

the Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, in the same film at the “Russia-1”, TASS, explained why the vaccine against the coronavirus can be effective.