What happened to the wife of Yuri Andropov in Hungary

Biography 24/12/19 What happened to the wife of Yuri Andropov in Hungary

From 1954 to 1957 Yuri Andropov held the post of Soviet Ambassador to Hungary. In the same period in the country’s capital the events occurred, called the “Budapest autumn”. Because of this spouse Andropov was such a nervous shock that all life remained the invalid.

the Ambassador in Hungary

In the late 1950-ies of the career of Yuri Andropov has experienced a meteoric rise. It happened after a stay Andropov to the post of Soviet Ambassador to Hungary. According to Oleg Hlobustov in his book “Andropov Phenomenon”, after a crash course of the respective diplomatic training, Yuri was appointed first Counsellor of the USSR in the Hungarian people’s Republic, and in 1954, he became Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Soviet Union in this country. In Hungary Andropov went along with his family: wife Tatiana Filippovna, son Igor and daughter Irina. They settled across the street from the Embassy.

However, the service of Yuri Andropov in Hungary nearly cost him his life. At the end of October 1956 in the Republic of mutiny, directed against the Soviet regime. These events are called the “Budapest autumn”. On the streets of the capital then came more than 200 thousand people. According to M. A. Pankov and other authors of the publication “100 famous mysteries of history”, Andropov insisted on the introduction of tanks in Budapest, in the end agreed, and Nikita Khrushchev. However, the Secretary General was ready to sacrifice the Soviet Ambassador, as the murder of Yuri Andropov rebels would be strong evidence that military equipment was in Budapest required.

Witness the “Budapest autumn”

Yuri Andropov really was in grave danger. Despite diplomatic status, the Soviet Embassy was fired several times. No less concern was the fate of membersa new family of Yuri. Tatiana Filippovna, along with the children were in the besieged residence: they faced the raging crowd. If you believe Alexander Shevyakina and Oleg Khlobustov, the authors of the publication “Yuri Andropov: a reformer or destroyer?”, in those days, Tatiana Andropov became an unwitting witness to the lynching of a Communist in the streets of Budapest.

As Larisa Vasilyeva writes in his book “the Kremlin wives” referring to words a press-attache Vladimir Kryuchkov, at some point it was decided to evacuate the families of diplomats out of the city. The resulting convoy of several vehicles was not given a military escort in order not to attract too much attention. As soon as the car left, the rebels attacked a residential building of the Embassy. Although it was more like robbery or looting: according to Kryuchkov, people grabbed and dragged everything they could carry. There are only two large sofas, and they finally cut.

Ailments Tatyana Andropova

All these events are produced at Tatiana Andropov lasting impression. According to Leo Lurie in his book “1956: the mid-century,” nervous shock, experiences Andropova in the Hungarian capital, has led to the fact that she became disabled. For a long time there were rumors that an Ambassador’s wife went crazy. However, it was just a rumor. Yes and no injuries, the wife of the Ambassador during the “Budapest autumn” is not received. Tatyana Filippovna developed hypertension. In addition, she began to suffer from headaches. It is for this reason and not for some other Tatyana Andropov never ever appeared together with her husband.

the Wife of a future head of the KGB and General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party had recovered slightly only in two months. Despite the proven Tatiana Andropova stress, she returned to Budapest to Yuri Vladimirovich, who still continued to occupy the post of Ambassador of the USSR. According to Alexander Kolpakidi, author of “the sword and Shield. The leaders of state security bodies”, Androincrease left Hungary in 1957. If you believe Nikolai Zenkovich, the author of the publication “The secret family”, the state of Tatyana Filippovna has improved after the use of potent drugs. Subsequently, she was often lying in hospitals, inventing new ailments and demanding drugs.

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