What foods were banned for consumption in Nazi Germany

History 19/01/20 What foods were banned for consumption in Nazi Germany

since the 1930-ies, Hitler’s Germany, began to actively prepare for a future world war. It is this circumstance was associated occurred in the country the problem with the food. At the same time some unsuccessful experimental and even a safe, natural products were banned for use.

Oil from coal

according to Oleg Smyslov in his book “Trench truth war” before the attack on the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany lived in the strictest mode of preparation for war. At that time the country held the mobilization of all resources, including food. The Nazis created huge reserves of power for the army, so the rules are supply products of ordinary Germans has been greatly reduced. Not enough and oil. Especially because, according to Francois Kersaudy, the author of the book “Hermann Goering. The second man of the Third Reich”, at that time, more than half of dietary fat in Germany came from abroad.

it is not surprising that the President of the Reichstag, Germany’s Hermann Goering leapt at the idea, proposed by one of the Industrialists. He said to Goering about his project the production of oil from coal. If you believe the Franz Thyssen, the author of the book “I paid Hitler”, for this purpose, by order of Goering was organized a laboratory. Scientists actually managed to get out of coal oil, which fed the inmates in Plotzensee. However, they soon began to suffer disease, symptoms of which resembled scurvy. All work was discontinued, and the use of “coal” oil in food is prohibited.

Thermophilic yeast

In Hitler’s Germany, then famous for all sorts of developments in the food industry. According to Valery Sinelnikov, author of the book “Power of goodness”, all known thermophilic yeast also invented by the Nazis. Local researchers have managed to discover in the archives of the Lenin library, the documents proving that the Germans initially grow yeast on human bodies and bones. The main objective pursued by Nazi experts in their experiments was the production of cheap bread for the food as prisoners of war and German soldiers.

However, the experts presented the findings of their research, Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler, the banned include thermophilic yeast in the recipes of bread intended for German soldiers. At least this fact mentions in his book “Battle for resources” Igor Prokopenko. According to Prokopenko, the specialists have found that in the production of bread with the addition of a thermophilic yeast is formed fusel gas, which, entering the body, disrupts brain activity. In addition these yeast cause cancer.

Whole milk

cow’s milk, which, unlike the thermophilic yeast, no danger to the human body is not represented, too, was banned for use in Germany since 1939. This fact is given in 20 volume edition of “World economy and world politics” (1941). The fact that in those years, as reported by the newspaper “Fascist aggressors are preparing a world war” (1938), the peasants were obliged to sell the milk to the dairies. Each peasant received a so-called consolidated receipt where you made any sale; sell as is permitted only with the consent of the authorities “Imperial bar food”. There was even a special Commission to investigate milk yield.

Such measures were taken in all German agriculture. With the outbreak of war the free sale of food in the country was generally prohibited. All products of crops and livestock immediately after receiving them subject to the surrender to special items. If you believe the authors of the publication “For Germany – against Hitler” N. N. Bernikova, V. A. Vsevolodova and A. A. Krupnikov, except milk it was forbidden to sell eggs without official permission to slaughter livestock and sell potatoes to market any of its products to procure, even in a private forest wood for construction, repair or firewood.

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