What are the unspoken prohibitions have Russian paratroopers

Another 23/12/19 mil.wakacje unofficial bans have Russian paratroopers

the First landing of Russian paratroopers was made in 1930 – and this was during the exercises of the red Army near Voronezh. Have fighters airborne have a clear idea about what not to do before a jump to safely reach the ground. In the end, all Marines remember the phrase: “airborne is not healthy and the sick – are the living and the dead”.


the Written and unwritten rules for the preparation to jump in the “Troops uncle Vasya”, prescribe a number of prohibitions. One of the main concerns of alcohol. Although among “blue berets” and argued that the paratrooper has to be “slightly drunk,” getting drunk before the jump, of course, impossible. In this case, the fighter will not only allow on the plane, but will be followed by disciplinary action. Alcohol is deadly for any skydiver, as addled brain may not be able to navigate in case of an emergency situation.

Since loading the aircraft from the Marines requires absolute mastery of self and peace of mind. Therefore, in the day of the jump, the soldier in the vest will not quarrel and argue with someone else. On Board the Marines try not to make any unnecessary movements.
And, of course, the paratroopers can’t jump without checking thoroughly the equipment and not repeating in the mind the instructions on the landing.

Superstitions and omens

If compliance with the above rules dictated by rational reasons, many common among Marines tradition is logically inexplicable. A large number of superstitions have arisen in civilian parachuting. Other prohibitions, appears to be characteristic only for the subculture of the airborne forces.

it is a truism that “in war there are no atheists”. All kinds of signs that occur in military groups, scientists believe that the manifestation of specific military religiosity, rooted in the pagan era.
“Near with a sincere religiosity in the military environment often peacefully coexists the many superstitions that forces you to consider them as a feature inherent in the military subculture,” – said the candidate of pedagogical Sciences Sergey Zverev in the article “Superstition as a component of the military subculture.”

at the fighters Often arise individual rituals, which are then taken over by their colleagues. Superstition in airborne distributed in different ways – there are parts where they have not even heard.

for Example, say that before the jump can not be photographed – according to legend, this picture will go to “the monument”, ie, the snap of the camera heralds the death when you jump. This development of an old folk superstition that it is impossible to be photographed before a long trip. In practice, the ban was widely violated, because the parachute behind is the best gift that you can send in a letter to family or to his girlfriend. And though in thousands of cases, nothing terrible at photographing did not happen, some Marines lenient with that stuff to this day.

the Marines are careful before jumping to use the word “last”, replacing his speech with the word “extreme”. It is believed that a careless statement can provoke the trouble. This omen paratroopers took over from the pilots, and they, in turn, the sailors. It is noteworthy that many past security annoyed when the word “last” is replaced by “extreme” in civilian life, for example, the passengers in the bus. From the point of view of a paratrooper “civil” no risk.

Many Marines, including officers, remember that flatly refused to get a haircut and shave before the jump. Also, just prior to landing it was impossible to clean a Kalashnikov, and hemming the collar. This commitment order was interpreted as a symbolic “readiness” to transition to the afterlife.

Before the jump Marines try to shoot the talismans – these can be photos of mother or sweetheart, pUli or cartridges, as well as pins from the parachute devices. Sensitive airborne soldiers and their blue berets, believing that they are not left on the ground. Even if you jump in the helmet, takes and definitely put in his bosom.

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