The Champions League will be Easy, but Barcelona took the three points on the field, from Slavia Prague, Czech republic. Lionel Messi – who else? – opened up an early score, and is the first player in the history of the Champions League, that is, in fifteen successive editions to the shot. Other < / p > ultimately, get the job done.

for Three minutes. Could lionel Messi do not need to walk on the edge to shoot down a proposal made by Arthur. Immediately is a historic match for the Spaniard, as discussed below, it is impossible to read. Whether his goal was the start of a spektakelmatch? That is not, as it turns out. Slavia, or He did in the first half not to score a goal.

After the break, it was in that respect much better. In a minute, 50 is controlled Boril to hit the ball with the chest, and in the Church’s lap in the 1-to-1 neatly in the goal. As a publicity stunt, however, will not play for Slavia because Liverpool are second with a decisive 1-2 against the nets. Barcelona remains unbeaten and is coming out on top in group F. Slavia Prague, with a single point.