Wevelgem, The players of FC Antwerp have a site of their competition, a tribute was held in the locker room, the death of a young football player, Plays Degrande (13). The player passed away last Tuesday unexpectedly of heart failure.

13-year-old jeugdspelertje FC Gullegem was last Tuesday, not even close to winning, and went home. His father found him there, dead on. Saturday night was the Emil is already unwell and after a soccer practice in 15 of the FC Antwerp. His parents took him to the hospital, but the doctors had no explanation and decided that the boy was examining it. To play football, he would not, could ride a bike still. The sudden death of the young footballer came on hard in the club and FC Antwerp. In the locker room before their match against In Sunday’s spent with the first-team pay tribute to their departed team-mate. The Gullegemnaren fought like lions for the Plays, and the match ended 0-0.