In connection with the outbreak of a pandemic the development of digital technologies in the economy and, in particular, remote banking services (RBS) is not just a fashionable trend, but a condition of survival for many representatives of micro and small businesses. In an interview with the Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KB “Forbank” Sergey Korolev told about why entrepreneurs prefer RBS and what are the benefits of opening a current account in online banking in current situation.

— Sergey, the pandemic has affected many sectors of the economy. Did it on the “Forbank”?

— the Pandemic has affected everyone one way or another. Of course, we had to develop and adopt a number of measures in order for our clients to work with “Forbank” nothing has changed. We are all accustomed to change something for the better, to improve, to accelerate, but in the current realities of the task was to keep intact the quality of the services we provide to our clients. And we did, all Bank services were available and remain available to our clients.

In the first place this became possible thanks to the fact that we’re an online Bank, and therefore, even in this difficult time, all our clients can remotely open a Bank account and manage without a visit to the office. A full range of services is available remotely and you can not worry about the availability of the usual features, it is clear that you can not worry about the risk of infection and the safety of their families. It is worth noting that we have also provided all necessary security measures for clients and employees and preserved the work of the offices.

— Impressive! However, not only your Bank continues to operate during the crisis. What competitive advantages do you possess? Do you offer customers special conditions?

— a Key lesson of the last two months is that chances of maintaining the stability and the solutionichiyo business more companies and entrepreneurs that are wholly or partially moved their business online. Specifically, to support business in the current environment, we have prepared some tools which allow to translate or to start a business online. First, it is our key service settlement and cash service, which allows you to manage the finances of the business from anywhere there is Internet. Second, we give a working website hosting with domain именем1 — please have applications online. Thirdly, we propose a supplementary budget for online advertising to 50 thousand rubles.2

in addition, we have been working with small businesses and know the needs and wants of customers. So, our audience interested in prompt settlement and cash services, opening an account without visiting the Bank, profitable and acquiring the ability to use the top services to businesses remotely on a single platform.

Responding to the requests of the entrepreneurs, we have organized a convenient remote banking services, acquiring provided at the rate of 1.15% on 3 and got all popular with audience services on our website — from acquiring to the lease and the Express warranties.

in Addition, we have a cashback card individuals that we give out for free along with a corporate card. It is calculated monthly on 1.5% of transactions on the corporate card without restrictions on the maximum payout.4 According to our research, the product is very popular with our audience, entrepreneurs actively use them.

We have our finger on the pulse, trying first to learn about the preferences of entrepreneurs, to feel their pain, to provide better conditions of service and to ensure the usability of the services of the Bank. For example, an important advantage is the free transition from plan to plan, which is beneficial for seasonal businesses: out of season entrepreneurs can move on to free cash, “basic”, and when the number of payments increases — choose more profitable in the newthe words of a tariff.

Developing modern technology, we aim to move away from clients, while remaining a Bank “with a human face”. We respect our customers, value their time by providing a wide range of financial services online, and at the same time always remain open to dialogue and aim to help our customers, including introducing new services, improving technology.

— Sergey, tell me, and then “Forbank” began their journey?

— Our Bank was founded in 1992 — then it was a small regional Bank with an office in Barnaul. In 2015, “Forbank” moved to Moscow and was there re-registered, while the Siberian branch continues to operate. Until recently, the priority was territorial expansion at the expense of the physical presence of Bank offices in the various regions. Now, with the development of digital technology we focusareas their active implementation in all planes of interaction between business and Bank on the forefront of the Bank’s ability to provide remote services. Now we have customers all over Russia — in one hundred sixty cities, to be exact.

— Now the business needs support as never, I guess. What anti-crisis package can expect entrepreneur applying to your Bank? Maybe some special offers?

— Yes, of course! For its part, we are ready to support business in this difficult time. Now there are special conditions: when opening an account before 1 July 2020 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will receive free services account for three months at the rate of “Optimal”.5 Also at account opening until the date indicated, we provide executives with insurance against coronavirus as a gift.6

And since it is well known that there is a chance of transmission when calculating the cash, we have paid special attention to acquiring — before 1 July will not be charged rent for the terminal, and now ms discuss the possibility of extending this measure. When you purchase insurance from the same coronavirus we also provide terminal concessional lease.7

— are you Going to promote your Bank, making it more well known? Or want to be a Bank for her?

— We plan to deploy a large-scale campaign to promote the services of our Bank, including on social networks. So follow the news all interested can on the pages of “Forbank” on the sites “Vkontakte” and Facebook, as well as on our official website

JSC KB “Forbank”:
telephone 8 (800) 511-86-97

JSC KB “Forbank”. License of Bank of Russia № 2063 from 01.07.2019 (permanently). Moscow, lower Krasnoselskaya str., 5, p. 5. Bin 1022200526061.

1 the terms of the “Website as a gift”: the participants — legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that do not have at the time of the action current accounts at the Bank; connection tariff “Optimal” or “Professional” or “Premium”; according to the terms posted on the page, to the participant free of charge on its application partner of the action of “Web companies” (OGRN 5167746475969) is the following service: website development based on prepared solutions (includes: logo, navigation, contact information, 5 to 7 of the information blocks, the shape of the collection of applications), CMS 1C-Bitrix test license, for up to three months, further payment at the rate (possibly to stay for a trial license if you pay hosting for 12 months), the hosting rate S (2GB) for a period of three months, then the payment tariff, registration of 1 (one) free domain name for the base cost in the zones .EN or .Russia for 1 (one) year (the domain name is agreed with the participant domain is registered under the details of the participant, the extension of the domain — from 155 rubles/year), the configuration and placement of the site on the hosting partner promotions, training userstion management system — provide brief instructions with the main thesis of the work with the control system. Also application on the CMS can be sent to free consultation after delivery of website applications can be sent to; a request from a participant to the service for the development of the site will be accepted via email; the term of the advertising campaign with 15.05.2020 for 01.07.2020.

2 promo Code on advertising myTarget is given to every client — a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, opened a Bank account and also existing customers — legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, connected to the service “merchant acquiring”. The code gives the possibility to increase the Deposit balance of the account on the advertising site twice under the condition that the replenishment amount of not less than 3,000 rubles (excluding VAT) and not more than 50 000 Russian rubles (without VAT). The promo code can only be used by a legal entity or individual entrepreneur has not previously registered advertising platform Promotional codes are provided until the exhaustion of the promo codes. One legal entity or individual entrepreneur may use only one promo code only once. The code is transmitted within 30 calendar days by e-mail when applying for opening an account.

3 Full terms and tariffs for the service “merchant acquiring”, the order of its presentation, as well as other material information about the terms of use posted on the website

4 Corporate card is provided to the client in accordance with the regulations under the corporate card account set out in the rules of comprehensive banking services for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, individuals engaged in established by the legislation of the Russian Federation private practice in JSC KB “Forbank”. cashback card — the Bank card of a physical person is the sole Executive body of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur destined for the bonuses. Full terms and conditions of the bonus program “Business with cashback” described in the regulations of the bonus program “Business with cashback” posted on the website

5 the terms of the “Free maintenance account”: the participants — legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that do not have at the time of the action current accounts in the Bank; the monthly fee on the tariff “Optimal” — free for three months from the date of opening the account, the period of the campaign: with 20.04.2020 for 01.07.2020.

6 Terms of the advertising campaign “Insurance gift”: the participants — legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, residents that do not have at the time of the action current accounts at the Bank; head of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur — residents of the Russian Federation; the connection rate is “Optimal” or “Professional” or “Premium”; in the name of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur is issued free individual insurance policy “Stop the virus” in SK “the Consent-Vita” with the amount of insurance coverage 500 000,00 (five hundred thousand) rubles; the term of the advertising campaign: from 01.05.2020 for 01.07.2020 or until the end of the gift of insurance policies. Number of gift insurance policies is limited. Full terms and conditions posted on the website

7 the terms of the “Stop virus + terminal”: the participants — legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are Bank’s clients; the purchase of an insurance product “Stop the virus” a natural person; the terminal is available for rent at 300,00 (three hundred) rubles 00 kopecks per month; rent of 300.00 (three hundred) rubles 00 kopecks per month, within the campaign is terminal Verifone VX 520 or PAX s-80/ PAX s-90; in the framework of one legal person or individual entrepreneur cant be provided with only one terminal; the term of the promotion: until the arrival of the first 100 (one hundred) customers to the action but not later than 31.08.2020.

Full information about the Bank’s services and products, order delivery, and other essential information about the conditions of use posted on the website