The VRT is set up with immediate effect, and terminate the cooperation with, the joint venture of architects and engineers for the new building. The board of directors, at the proposal of the board of directors of the VRT. There will be a new design, but the timing may be in the form of this moment, nothing will be lost.

The current draft of the joint venture Robbrecht & Daem + Dierendonckblancke royal institute of british architects + Arup, UK + CA group. The belgian said that the contract with the association is broken, because her trust is lost, the execution of the project, with all of the agreed functionality and within budget can be achieved. The board called the budget “unacceptable”.

See also the New TELEVISION building, it is more expensive than expected as the construction is running three months behind on the Incremental cost –

“This budget is based on a self-financing, through the sale of the land, and the gain in efficiency due to smaller, more fuel-efficient buildings are built. The VRT maintains that the agreements with the Flemish government is to be made, what it sounds like.

The belgian cut in 2012 as the plunge in order to build a new one at the current site on the boulevard Reyers in Schaerbeek. In the year 2015 was chosen for the current team, the architects, the final design of the previous year revealed. However, in a notice of The Time, a few weeks ago, it was leaked that the heat of summer, but it was between the FLEMISH top, and the architectenteam the least expensive to most expensive.