In volleyball, the Vital Heynen is one of the biggest names in Belgian coaches ever, if not the biggest names: the income of the super cup, with the Italian in Perugia on Saturday was his 23rd trophy since joining as head coach in 2006, when Out it started. But it is a trofeeënkast did he not say, “I’ll give all the medals away from you.”

to Win to build up a tolerance, or so they say. But During a little bit. For example, he was honest, after the victory of the super cup, with the Italian in Perugia at the absolute favourite of Modena in the final. “I’m a bit just. in a way (laughs). I sell myself with a smile and said, ‘I am, you win.’ We were not the favourites in the super cup, but now that I can once again feel that you will never let me win. In Italy, the treasures they have, the Particular are also very high, and after the final, Perugia, celebrated as if they were a champion in.” (you can read more under the picture).

You’ve just recently started, but still, it was the right price.

“If you are looking for just two weeks, you’ll work as a coach, not so great. At that time, and I’m not too technical and tactical work, but I can only do the head and try to change the players. I was looking at the problem from the team. I have looked at Perugia, and that all of the players be able to play a game of volleyball, but they are not, as a team, will perform together. So, I’ve talked a lot about how to work together, and this approach has been successfully completed.”

have you adjusted your list of achievements, with 23 trophies as a head coach, at only 13 years ‘ time?

“I will be honest: I’m not a coach, every week, or even on the internet to see if there are articles that have been published about me, and what’s in it. Happened to me last week, and the wikipedia entry of my own in English, and then I thought, ” Wow, that’s a long list.’ I’m not into that stuff – and I’m still working on the next game, but when I look back, I can say that I’ve won, yes. And, in some cases, which is not a title or a trophy I think is even more important as the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, bronze to Germany in 2014 or the World Cup, silver in Poland in the year.”

are Occasionally extracted? You have to have more trophies than the best of our coach, Eric Gerets, who, nationally, and internationally for 14 awards. This is a big advantage.

“yes, Yes, good. And the idea is that I have the next few months we are still going ahead.”

What are the trophies you can find for yourself the most beautiful?

“I can’t miss that world title last year in Poland. I had the feeling of: “Well, now that I’ve achieved something.’ You can’t get any better than that of the coach of the world champion. I got what I wanted. If, after that, I have nothing more to win, it’s not really a problem. But it is also a setting to increase the pressure on myself to make it. As it is, there is still a great goal. A medal, with Poland would make the circle round. There, I think, each and every day.”