LIVING room. An ordinary terraced house in Amsterdam, that’s a lot of attention because it was for sale for 1.450.000 euros, are sold subject to availability. That will leave the agent, if requested, to know. An accepted bid is not too far from the asking price. The property is situated in the South of Amsterdam, the city with the highest average disposable income per household.

While a lot of people, the asking price is ridiculous, is thought to be the buyer, there are apparently different. Within two weeks, the deal that has been going around. The sales broker will not include the purchase price, saying that there are some conditions that have to be controlled. “But it’s a bit less than the asking price.”

The house is on vastgoedwebsiteFunda), it is due to his average size and appearance, has become a symbol for the madness of the Amsterdam housing market, and a city for a year and a day, and with the housing shortage it faces. Even the alderman (of ships, ed.). to live called it the price of nearly 1.5 million was “absurd”. “I’m pretty shocked. The fact that the majority of the Locals can’t pay for it. I am very concerned about the affordability of housing in our city,” says He He is of the strong socialist POLICIES.

“The comments surprised me, and they are unjust,” says the broker, which are not to be named. “I have learned a lot of mails from people from all over the country who are upset about the price. They called it ‘whack’. They are familiar with the local market and apparently it’s not good, because then they would have known that it is common in this area, mainly because of its convenient location. In addition, the price is not different when we are in the ‘1′ off, and had achieved, as someone has suggested, and he was, therefore, to 450.000 euro’s to buy had been. Then, the bids are a lot higher. This is how it works in the market once in a while.”