Formula 1, Max Verstappen in the neighborhood, to watch Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, add on. That said, both the Formula 1 drivers after the race in Brazil. Hamilton, which is nearly one-sixth-time world champion, it was the first bochtencombinatie is in contact with the board. “Some people are smarter, some of them are very, very smart, and aggressive, and others are a bit of a dom, he gave to the British Stumbling is a plug below the water surface.

Verstappen went from the top of the fourth, but that was after being in touch with Hamilton in the first turn through the grass. A few laps later, things went wrong again. Our northern neighbour took the lead from Bottas, but it was a flat tire and was knocked back to the rear ranks. Verstappen should be a ranked top forget about, he eventually ended up sixth after catching up. After the race the names of his colleagues in the performance of the 22-year-old Dutchman, (right side) under the microscope.

Hamilton, was the first to speak. “I think that every rider is different,” he told the news conference. “Some people are smarter, some people are very smart, aggressive, and some are a little silly,” was Hamilton is clearly. “Because of the experience I have now, I’ll give you some of the drivers have more space, and when the other drivers do not. They have a lot of respect for each other. But, Max, ” Yes, there is a big chance that you can get when you have no extra space, so most of the times I do it.”

Clear words, had the British not to be too far to drive. “Though, I don’t think that the crash was deliberate.There is also a kind of magnet for this kind of situation.” The question is whether the riders are Stumbling to be addressed, and whether or not the agressiefstepiloot on the track, it was made of, Sebastian Vettel. “Yes, yes,” said the German, without taking. On the question of whether it is a more complete answer to give, was, very simply, “No.” Cut-and-paste the response from Lewis, but in. That’s right.”