Versed in Eldorado: how to read the labels on the products, to not fall for the tricks of marketers

the First thing we see when we look at chocolate or sausage are planning to buy, packaging. But we look, as a rule, not there: eyes clings to color and design, and it is necessary to pay attention to details on the label. Moreover, to understand what is written there — need to know how to read it. And then there are nuances.

as part of the order of the words

should look Like the label of food products, establishes specific technical regulations, to deviate from which conscientious seller should not. According to the document, the label should have the name, composition, number of product, date of manufacture and expiry date, storage conditions before and after opening the package (if they differ), the name and address of the manufacturer (and importer), information about the GMOs, indicators of nutritional and a special single mark of production circulation.