Varlamov responded to the article avtoredaktora NGS and called 5 reasons why interchange is bad

on may 27 in the NHS, a review was published about two-level road interchanges, which, in the opinion of our authoreditor Dmitry Kosenko, are lacking in Novosibirsk, constantly standing in traffic jams and suffering from poor quality of roads. He reasoned, where and why it is so necessary urban interchange, which the authorities still do not think. Read the article the blogger Ilya Varlamov and expressed the opposite opinion — urban planner called 5 reasons why Novosibirsk is not the desired outcome.

— Russia why-that have chosen the Asian way — way interchanges, overpasses and high-rise buildings scattered between them. It decided to go such cities as Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and Vladivostok. The saddest thing is when a crazy road construction begin to justify people who are supposed to educate people, not to drive him into a trap where even the richest country in the world has only just started coming out, commented on the situation Varlamov.