The Australian airline Qantas has successfully to be the longest direct scheduled flight in the world is made. After a flight of 19 hours and 16 minutes and the plane last week coming from New York, left, on Sunday at the airport in Sydney, australia. The 16.200 km-long test werduitgevoerd the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

On board forty of the passengers and ten crew members. They have to undergo a series of tests, and it had to be a certain methods to follow that should help you to get the jet lag from the 15 hour time difference to the handling. The slaapcycli, and the vigilance of the crew members was investigated.

See also the Brisbane test flight of nearly 20 hours between New York and Sydney –

“the Purpose of this record-breaking flight around the scientific research to be carried out to the passengers and the crew on ultra-long flight is to ensure the health and well-being of the jet-lag is to reduce the best of working and rest hours of the crew to decide,” says Quantas.

the Passenger in 2022

Brisbane, hopes to 2022, direct passenger flights are to start in New York, Sydney, London, and Sydney, australia. The longest direct scheduled flight is currently held by Singapore Airlines. The flight between Singapore and Newark, new jersey (near New York city), it takes in 18.5 hours.

All of the carbon emissions of its aircraft will be compensated for by other measures of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere is reduced, and let the airline know.