The Gent At the start of Ghent, Ultrakid, John Balbaert (12) of Blankenberge, Ghent, Ultraman, Nico’s Cousin (37) on the Belgian record in the marathon with a wheelchair to get crushed. They completed the 42 kilometres in 3 hours, 24 minutes and 15 seconds – more than eleven minutes faster than the previous record. “It was the last few miles were really tough,” says Nico, who is out in march, along with John, to the Ultraman Challenge, that are in Israel and would like to participate.

As Nico, and John’s intense training for the physical challenge in Israel, they decided to run the marathon of Ghent, and right up to the Belgian record marathonlopen while you’re in a wheelchair, voortduwt. The record stood at 3 hours, 35 minutes and 25 seconds, and the duo did, today there are more than eleven minutes down. “Really great, but after the marathon, so I had to go lie down,” says Nico. “Certainly in the last two kilometres were very difficult. After four kilometers you will come up with the Finnish ski run. That is, it is great for carpets, but the wheels of the wheel chair to dig in the soft soil. That makes it really, really hard.”

the course can be difficult for people with reduced mobility, according to rolstoelatleet Me. “Last year, I wanted to sign up for the marathon, but the course was not accessible to me. This year, there’s a lot of steps have been taken to make the course accessible for anyone, but for some, it’s far from perfect,” he said.

Ultraman Challenge, that is

To get to Nico’s, the marathon is physically challenging, but John is a big challenge. The boy, from the chest, was paralysed in a car accident, it must be in the specialty wheelchair is stable with his arms and send it in. If he is wrong send them, makes it more difficult for Nico. “We want to show you that everyone is amazing the things you can do,” they respond.