Abroad, The Catholic Church has launched an investigation after two of the nuns in Italy to become pregnant, are getting hit while they are on a mission was in Africa. The scandal caused a stir in Rome, italy.

The two women were originally Black, but had lived and worked in two separate monasteries on the island of Sicily. They were both on the liefdadigheidsmissie in Africa. In spite of their vow of chastity, they expect now to have a baby.One of them, a mother superior, she discovered she’s pregnant herself. The other, 34 years old, has found, according to news agency associated press, during a medical examination after she suffered from pain in the abdomen.

The nun was well-known for their hard work, but if they are, their job is to exercise, is highly uncertain. “The scandal caused a huge uproar,” he said in a kerkbron from the city of Rome.“It is clear that the women are in a sexual relationship, had to have it.” Of the two, would be under pressure to keep their job, and in the roman Catholic Church, to the left.