Two more deaths of patients with coronavirus and a record number of cases in the field: a chronicle for may 23

In the Novosibirsk region, according oberstab region on 23 may from the coronavirus died 2 people. Now in the region recorded 27 deaths.

the Total number of cases in the Novosibirsk region — 2043, including 131 children. Recovered 882 people.

What occurred in the city during the day?

While scientists seeking a vaccine against the coronavirus, some of it already “found” — the Network began to appear more and more articles about how to protect from new infections vaccination against other diseases. One of the leaders of the vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis, which usually put for the summer season. Is it possible to kill two birds at once with just one vaccination? Understand together with virologist;
recently we asked you to tell us about how it has changed your life in isolation. Received nearly 400 letters from all over the country. Today we publish a selection of your stories: about the wedding in quarantine, pregnancy in isolation and the unexpected findings in the apartment;
in the Novosibirsk region revealed a record number of cases per day — 83 inhabitant of the region had contracted the coronavirus;
in recent days, Russia has seen 9434 new cases of coronavirus. 8111 recovered, 139 died, reports the Federal operational headquarters;
institutions of public catering in Novosibirsk closed almost two months — their owners are suffering huge losses and are asking the authorities to allow them to work at least in the summer format. Some will give up and sells your business. Many businesses try to hide the names of the institutions and take photos from the Internet. Journalist NGS made a selection of ads that you can understand what kind of point is it.
Novosibirsk from the coronavirus died 38-year-old Manager of the ambulance — this information to the correspondent NGS confirmed her head;
Novosibirsk staged a massive party in the town centre on Friday — people were having fun on the restaurant street behind the hotel “Central”. The campers got on video oneof employees restaurants Denis Ivanov, who was passing by.

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