TSNMT began testing for antibodies to COVID-19

Asymptomatic carriers COVID-19 every day it becomes more and more. How to find out ill dangerous viral infection or not? Whether you are a threat to others?

For the diagnosis of coronavirus infection and determine the stage of the disease the most informative combination of two methods: the detection of viral RNA and identification of antibodies in the blood.

the Test can be conducted on early and late antibodies to the virus. To treat early IgA and IgM. They allow to detect the presence of infection in asymptomatic course of the disease. Late IgG antibodies show that a person has formed an immune response. The use of complex RNA + antibody allows the most accurately and quickly diagnose the disease COVID-19.

Antibodies are determined in a qualitative way. Used in TSNMT test systems 97-100% sensitivity and 100% specificity, which ensures a high accuracy of the results. The study — venous blood.

the Fence material is carried out daily by all clinics TSNMT by appointment. It is also possible departure of the organization.

to test all students who do not have symptoms of SARS.

Prepare as for a regular blood test: on an empty stomach, otherwise a false result is possible.

the readiness of the results of the analysis of three working days, excluding the day of the fence.

the results of the research patients will receive via e-mail. Doctors TSNMT if desired, the patient can carry out the interpretation of the results and give recommendations.

TSNMT takes all necessary measures for the safety of his patients:

recirculators of the closed type decontaminate the air in the offices and halls; enforced mask mode and treatment of hands with an antiseptic; sanitizes areas and premises of the clinics; the obligatory thermometry of patients and staff.

TSNMT take care of your health!

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