As one of the first cities in Germany, Rostock, introduces a free student ticket. By the year 2020 children and young people are allowed to drive in the Hanseatic city for free Bus and train. The Rostock citizenship voted in the politicians from all major parties sit. About 20,000 students would benefit from such a Ticket. Per year the cost is according to the social Senator Steffen Bock Hahn (Left) to approximately 3.3 million Euro.

Rostock is creating facts in the discussion on the future of local Public transport (ÖPNV). Until the beginning of the year, the Federal government had brought a free public TRANSPORT into the conversation – as a measure against diesel driving bans. Five model cities, it should give, Bonn, Essen, Herrenberg (Baden-Wuerttemberg), Reutlingen and Mannheim said. Too expensive for such a project. Last Green-chief Anton Hofreiter continued nationwide for a One-Euro day ticket for buses and trains. “Students and trainees are supposed to have free ride,” said Hofreiter.

In Rostock will not apply to the tickets only for the school, but also for all the routes, the students in their free time. “This is the first step in the direction of a completely free public transport,” said the member of the Landtag, Eva-Maria Kröger (Left) of the “Ostsee-Zeitung”. The Ticket should increase equal opportunities and improve education.

The Green hope also that more children and young people require on Bus and train. The car traffic at the schools by the so-called parents taxis should reduce this significantly. A prerequisite for the receipt of the ticket is that of the main residence in Rostock.

social tariff of 2019

low-Income people expanded to be able to count in Rostock as early as next year, at least with cheaper prices. Rostock’s citizenship has in addition decided to the social tariff, for example, Hartz-IV-extending receiver. So far, this only reduced the individual were able to purchase a ticket or day tickets. In the future, the benefits of the social tickets are also available on a weekly and monthly tickets should be extended. “We want mobility, and participation at the social life only a few days in a month,” says Green party leader Uwe flat Meyer.

In Berlin since August, students from low-income households for free travel with public transport. For this you need the so-called Berlin pass-BuT that abbreviation BuT stands for education and participation have package, can also enjoy free use of the public TRANSPORT. The education and participation package to facilitate poorer children and young people, participation in education, Sport and culture.


Also in other States will be guided discussions to free public TRANSPORT. In Bavaria, for example, the country-parents Association of the secondary schools (LEV) had collected over 19,000 signatures for a free ticket for children, students, apprentices, and students. So far, is that students can go up to the tenth class, after all, free of charge to school and back again. The state government in NRW, however, had planned to remove the social ticket for public transport. After fierce protests, the subsidies remained.