I-Sint-Amands, “this is a tragedy avoided”, according to the Dec, The Donckerlaan. The night began at about 2.45 pm, a bright fire in the home of a family of five. That is, it was only noticed after one of the children of the family were awakened by the smoke, and started to cry. The heavy fire damaged to the full house. The family is cared for in the family.

At the time of the fire, it should be noted, was in full development. The ground floor was in flames, but the family seemed to as if by magic just in time. In a panic, and there was the fire brigade is called in, and was the youngest member of the family has already been transferred to families in the area. “With the arrival of the fire brigade was a fire,” says the Puurse noodplanambtenaar Tinneke Dereymaeker. “Our firefighters had the fire quickly under control, but the devastation is very great.”

Our fire fighters got to the fire quickly.
control, but the devastation is very large.

Tinneke Dereymaeker, noodplanambtenaar Puurs Sint-Amands,

From the fire hit, no one hurt but two of the members of the family, the mother and the children, and used to be a lot of smoke. “They were transported to the hospital with a rookintoxicatie”, is Dereymaeker further. The mother and son were given supplemental oxygen is administered, and if the hospital has allegedly already left. “The family is being cared for their families, but also to our church to provide needed care”, click it even when the noodplanambtenaar.

Much injury

all The house was in the fire, was heavily damaged. The entire contents on both the ground floor and the first floor went up in flames. In addition, there was also quite a bit of soot and / or water damage. The firemen were there in a mobile home, which is next to the house was parked, to save the day.

in addition, it could be the Bornemse fire station on Hulpverleningszone Its to prevent the fire spread to the adjacent home.“The occupants of that house were not at home. They were on vacation. We have been in contact with his family. The father of the family, was now back and have a look,” said Dereymaeker. “The house went rookschade, and there would have to be released.”


the people of the third house in the row have been by the end of Tuesday there and they had to leave home. “It was quite a scare,” says the neighbor Tags. “To the house, suddenly the police and fire departments. We had to be home right away to leave.” The time to get to their dressing, they had not. “Everything had to go very fast. Then we realized that it was serious, it was”, says another. The family is brought in, forced to stay in the family.

as to the cause of the fire is still not much known about it. It is said that the fire originated in the kitchen of the house. Wednesday morning and informed the police of the Klein-Brabant and the public prosecutor’s office Mechelen. “The cause is not immediately clear, reports of a parketwoordvoerder. “In addition to the lab, there was a branddeskundige will be appointed. Also, it is going to arrive on the scene.”