The TV is Nearing the end of the rolstoelatlete Marieke Vervoort? The 40-year-old, “Wielemie” has campaigned for years against any life-threatening spieraandoening. “The pain is ondraaglijkheid.”Her last wish is fulfilled, she spoke to a good friend of Tom Waes is on: racing to the race Track of Zolder, in a Museum.

By Danira is in Today, ” she told him just how unique this experience was. “It was great, I laughed from the beginning to the end!”, it says She is. Her euthanasieaanvraag would prefer to not have too much to lose. But a good friend of his, Tom wants to be a little bit of the cynicism around, She is raising: “by 2015, she mentioned euthanasia to be willing to commit to and then it has to be exactly right to happen. While this is Mary and her choice to make. She has so much life force, making them, at the moment, they can look forward to the small things in life, the euthanasia is out. To me she’s still 10 years later.”