To return the money for the holiday: the tour operator has described how a Aug to receive payments from the state

For five months since the closure of Russian air links with other countries there was much debate about how tourists to obtain a refund for unused vouchers. Officially recognizing the tourism industry is one of the coronavirus-affected areas, the government decided to support tourists, allocating 15 billion from the budget.*

since August 21, every may obtain payment from the state up to 15 thousand rubles. Within the program of stimulating domestic tourism procedure will be simple:

it is important to refer to the statement included in the uniform Federal register;
select tour of 4 nights in Russia;
get a credit card “the WORLD” and make the payment for the tour.
get from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

a Refund to the buyer will take up to five days. The campaign will last only one week: from 21 to 28 August, and in order not to miss the opportunity to get the sum to 15 thousand roubles, suggest to be making the card “the WORLD”. Only for its customers, “globe-tour” offers personal Bank Manager, who will issue the card in the same day.