Time to purchase: find out where buyers do not take money for the third item in the check

Great news for all who want to save! You have time to take advantage of the favorable event, which takes place in all hypermarkets of accessories for phones Hello!* Only in June, every third item in the check is given free of charge.**

This is a great opportunity to make your life even more comfortable and equipped with necessary every modern man things. For example, to collect a set of “always on”.

an Additional cable for charging smartphone ever will not be superfluous, in Hello! price from 49 rubles.

the External battery will help charge the phone, even if there is no outlet. The price is 199 rubles.

Wireless headphones hit sales and the opportunity to answer an important call, even if hands are busy, from 969 rubles.

the Product with the lowest cost from the set you will receive a gift.