iHLN Travel. Doing the shopping. Watching a movie. To drive a car. On the way home with the heater off. Practically, our whole life is now online, and it will only be with the advent of 5G, and quantuminternet. The digital world is now a year old. Exactly fifty years ago, on October 29, 1969, were the first two computers that are connected to each other. One of the “founding fathers” of the anniversary of the internet, people have shown themselves not to be very happy with the way things are today.

be The first-connected computers were located in California, usa. They were built by the three founding fathers of the internet, Bob Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock and Vint Cerf.

The scientists were working on a project for the U.s. department of Defense, the ARPAnet, named. Their student, Charley Kline was the one who made the first on-line message is sent. From the university of Los Angeles, he sent a command to a computer that is hundreds of miles away, at a university, at Stanford, at San Francisco, california.

you can also Read in The internet, is a 50-year-old: do you remember these things? Error:

this message had to be composed of five letters: LOG IN. After the two letters was, however, wrong. The computer systems were fixed. Someone had made a mistake in the code. An hour later, was recovered, and the connection was still established. On the work with Kline to log into a computer hundreds of miles away. He had arrived at a place where he was not. Whatever it meant, it occurred on the night itself, and is not to Played, and all the others, and that realization did not come until later.