In Roeselare, The court judges on Thursday a ruling on the objection, that the KSV Roeselare today at the bankruptcy proceedings last week, it was said. There are 147 creditors at Roulers, 15 dagvaardden is a good thing. “At the end of August, we have an injection given by $ 1.2 million, with the funds to our creditors and to pay for it”, argued the lawyer, Johan Vynckier in front of the club.

The judgment is that the EX-Roeselare is insolvent, declared that, dating back to last Tuesday. Then there was the club, no-one is present. “The court was saying that the judgment does not have to be fully informed about the current state of the club”, calling the lawyer of the club, John Vynckier. “On the day of the verdict, there was more than $ 1.2 million into the bank account of the club’s debt had indeed paid for it. We were there last week, not because of the summons to the wrong person, too. It has been an error during the overdrachtswissel from the previous manager, Brian is Happy and in with the new, Marco Manzo, who, on the 29th of July, was appointed. In total, the amount of the debt owed just over € 500,000. We will be able to, that debt is now repaid. Manzo wanted to be, after his appointment as soon as possible, all of the debt. He was working on it, but it was the speed of them.” The loan’s FRUIT, the Catering, so a speed of 28 000 euros, was last week on Tuesday afternoon and immediately paid it been. “We didn’t know there was already a decision was made,” says Johan Vynckier. “That charge was invalid, as it turned out. Meanwhile, it poured out of the club, as more than 60,000 euros in my advocatenrekening, which can be used to pay off debt.” The lawyer of the FRUIT, the Catering and suggested that his client will no longer insist on the bankrupt’s part. “We have been reassured that our money will see to that, I have every confidence in it,” said master Tom, Noyez.