A video is in the Dutch city of Breda, its Sunday night, two boys and a girl, were injured. The young people were, and after a brief fight, in their year who is a passer-by in a dark dress.

That’s what happened in the south of Amsterdam, near the Argusvlinder with some young people. It seems that one group in the morning. According to the bystanders, it goes to the children’s ward of a year, or 15 years.

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all The young people are often sitting on the bench. Sunday night they stayed with a man for about ten. At around 21.15 hours, there are some others in. The result was a quarrel, one of them a knife, and took three of the teens instak. The offender has then fled, probably to the neighbourhood.

In the back, put

It arrived in a trauma helicopter to a medical professional in order to assist the victims. One of the victims several times in his back and was stuck. He was taken to the hospital in Rotterdam, placed under the supervision of the trauma, the doctor out of the helicopter. Another victim to injury in the back of his neck, the girl to her feet. They, and their parents, by ambulance to the hospital in Breda, the netherlands brought up.

police are searching the area with might and main for the villain. On the basis of the previous statements made by others in the group, a man in dark clothes. He adds, probably in a dark red hoodie. It could be that his blade was still with him, because it has not yet been discovered. In the area where the search is very large. The police are coming from different angles with tips on the man.

all The other young people were taken to the police station, where they will have a detailed statement to that effect.