The sale of tobacco products, including cigarettes, roltabak, and e-cigarettes to minors starting on november 1, is prohibited. The age limit is raised from 16 to 18 years of age.

The sales ban, it will not be possible to have additional checks led. “It is not the intention of the sellers to immediately sanction. In the first instance, will we give warnings,” said Paul Van den Meerssche of the head of the inspection department. “We do, however, expect that the audits will have to be, because we are in homogonere groups for control of, for example, the secondary education system.

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Belgium is one of the few European countries where the sale of tobacco products to minors is still allowed.

the Requirements for medicinal products, standard, three months,

Prescriptions for medicinal products from 1 november, the standard is still valid for three months are up. The prescribing doctor will have the ability to make that time shorter, or extend it for up to one year.

Until now, remained the requirements for the medicines expire. As a patient, it could be many months later, when the pharmacist before a drug is its removal. However, for the refund to gold and then back to a slightly more complicated process. The insurance was only to intervene if the medicinal product is procured, it was before the “light at the end of the third month following that in which the voorschrijfdatum”.

From the 1st of november, the two schemes are matched to each other. The time frame within which the pharmacist of a drug may be delivered to the patient, is in exactly three months, to put. However, if a physician deems it necessary for a shorter or longer period of validity for a patient, there is always that time-limit to be complied with. The physician will explicitly need to indicate this on the prescription. In addition, the period may never be more than one year amounts.

represents the reimbursement of a medicine subject to the same rules. The standard time limit is three months, unless the prescribing doctor has told you otherwise.

The new rules apply to both the paper and the electronic rules and regulations.

Families can be a minimum supply of natural gas request

the People in Flanders who have no money to aardgasbudgetmeter to get from 1 november for a minimum of gas supplies can be obtained through the social WELFARE office of their municipality.

Who is a budgetmeter for natural gas, but it is really not the money that they charge, you can be in the winter months, however, a minimal supply of natural gas to get it. From november 1 to march 31, 2020, it may be every half a month to the public with a financial contribution of a minimum gas supplies to ask.

social services first as a social inquiry in order to verify whether or not the individual needs of the customer on its own merits. The altitude of the intervention varies according to the type of the property: a corner house, an apartment or a house. The system operator shall bear 70% of the cost, with the remaining 30 percent of the social services, will be reimbursed up to the user.