This soup with meat, trout and even cheesecake: found inexpensive delivery of ready meals with huge portions

When the stores are gradually becoming more expensive products, sometimes cheaper to buy ready meals. Such a sensible saving is particularly relevant in times of crisis. Found in Novosibirsk is a large selection of ready meals: cafes-canteens “Sunny day” is now packing up his signature cakes and fragrant soup into containers and boxes. Look at the end of the news address, cafe, store a phone number in contacts.

Those who are forced to go to work, can quickly run in and take a box lunch. And for those who are tired of the daily cooking, “Sunny day” was organized by contactless delivery to your door in 60 minutes. Shipping, by the way, from 700 rubles free.

there is Also a cafe-cafeterias every day, apply the action “happy hour”.* On weekday mornings, all meals 25% discount from 10:00 to 11:00 in all restaurants self-service, and in the evening 50% discount from 19:00 to 20:00.