The animals-There is a lot of excitement created about a set of crs’s that the Chinese scientists are doing to ensure the safety of the seat belts in the vehicles to the test. In the tests, which were live pigs with high-speed at a wall for decades. In the experiment, at very little grace to count from all over europe, and a lot of social media users.

it was The animal rights organisation PETA who is the cat and the bell aanbond. “However, despite the existence of sophisticated non-animal test methods, in which no living beings to be more involved in China is still the experiments were carried out with the fearful and the ill-treated animal in the child car seats can be placed against a wall to be gesmakt”was stripped to its web site. “Until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and vermangeld it.”

you can Read Polish, the zoo provides a temporary home for sick tigers, who have for days held “the Fifth”

The organization contacted the Research Institute for Traffic Medicine of Daping Hospital in China, in order to be able to convince you to stop with the “one” ball. PETA discovered that, on the basis of the publications of the institute of the fact that the testing was done using live dogs and pigs. Those were in addition to serious internal injuries and break up. The animals that died, were culled, and as the animals gedissecteerd.

on the basis of the experimentenwerden 15 of live pigs, tied to a metal slide. The aim was to examine the wounds on the chest and the belly are different types of seat belts could result in damage to the children, who had been involved in an accident. (read on below)