Multimedia As a tool for work or study continues to be the laptop is the king. We have emerged as the latest tests performed by our experts and came up with a top 5. Tip: at the bottom of the article, you can get a laptop with a win. Lightweight, Acer, Swift 3 (€ 519)

“DeAcer Swift, 3is one of the very few laptops in the price range of up to five hundred dollars of which not less”, says the Led editor-in-chief, Jelle Stuip. The internal hardware of a laptop is more than decent. The device runs on an Intel Core i3 processor, the lowest class of the American chip manufacturer, but the latest version is much, much faster than any of his predecessors. In addition, you’ll get a Full HD screen of 14 inches to 35.6 inches in diameter, and the aluminum body is good and firm. Those who have a laptop for light professional work (which is bureautaken, web browsing, and light multimediagebruik), will find this an excellent unit.Click here to view the new Swift is 3.

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