KV Oostende is the Financial concerns hanging like a dark cloud over KV Oostende. But behind the scenes, by the board of directors of the kustploeg of hard work in order to comply with the terms of that license. Talk of a possible bankruptcy, according to the club, then it is also too early. That said, chairman Frank, Dierckens, today, in a comment on the website of the kustploeg.

“There is currently no cash-flow problem, the salaries are to be paid. Bankruptcy is also not the case. We are working hard to get further solutions. As soon as we have more news, we’ll also be at the right time to communicate, but right now, we have total peace of mind further on in the spring, and the licence may be obtained.”

Earlier this week, it became known that the town of Oostende, with the city and its creditors, the calls have started about the difficult financial situation of the club. Among others, the high rent of $ 1.2 million is for the grandstand at the ex-chairman, Marc Coucke will need to be paid for, will weigh heavily in the balance.