Mulled wine, gingerbread and light – these are Germany’s most beautiful Christmas markets in 2018, the origin of the Christmas tree

About the origin of the Tradition with the green needle tree has been discussed for a long time. It is assumed that the green Christmas tree comes from pagan religions. The color stands for fertility and life force.

In Christianity, symbolised by the Christmas Tree originally as a “Paradise tree,” the expulsion of Adam and eve from Paradise. Because many people could neither read nor write, was the Church the history of the symbol. For this, they needed a tree, also on 24. December, still green: conifers, such as fir and spruce, but also boxwood, rosemary and juniper offered. Evergreen plants symbolize the hope that nature is reawakening.

At the trees, hung a red fruit as a Symbol of the fruit that seduced eve to the forbidden meal. The only fruits that looked earlier at this time in Germany and therefore came in question, were Apples – the predecessor of today’s, sometimes even red Christmas tree balls.

There is evidence, too, that the Christmas tree was not with candy, but half of it with Apples as a Symbol of sin, and the other half with the “Arma Christi”, the suffering tools of Jesus adorned. Since it was about the crown of thorns or the vinegar-soaked sponge to Jesus on the cross, tormented. Also the rooster was, of the three times crowed after Peter had denied Jesus. So of the 24. In December, the expulsion from Paradise, and had brought the misfortune on the people, on the one side. On the other side of the tree symbolized the birthday of Jesus on December 25. December, was said to have had by his crucifixion and resurrection, this misfortune of the mankind.

history of Christmas tree

One of the first documented decorated Christmas trees appeared in the 16th century. Century in Strasbourg. Then adapted wealthy citizens and officials of this need. In Central Europe, fir trees were very rare and therefore expensive. The princes and the emigrants were finally, for the Europe-wide spread responsible. From 1730 candles were placed as a beacon of hope on the Christmas tree.

America modernized this Tradition and was the first country to electronic lighting. The jewelry, as we know it today, emerged only in the 19th century. Century. To the world a symbol of the Christmas tree was in the 20th century. Century. Instead of food, finally, hand-blown glass spheres have been used in a variety of colors as decoration. Thus, a new market for Christmas tree was created decoration.

The Catholic Church has refused for a long time against this “pagan” Tradition. So a Christmas tree was only allowed to be in the year 1982 for the first time, in St. Peter’s square in Rome. Since then, the huge Christmas tree imported every year from another country. Display – A Christmas tree delivered to you at home? We have the perfect solution! The discount of 10%! Order online now & 10% discount with the Code: BURDAXMAS.

Today’s meaning of the Christmas tree

Today, the Christmas tree is an indispensable part of the living rooms. Every year, he brings in the Christmas mood and shows in almost every household. The most popular German Christmas tree, the Nordmann fir. In recent years, the Trend was increasingly to regional firs. However, most of the Christmas trees no longer appears as a product of nature in the forest, but is grown specifically for Christmas on plantations.

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