LIVING room. Rural, counties, but also of the Farmers ‘ union are of great concern to many of the farms in the rural areas which is changing in a stately residential estates, often with several horses in it. The messages in The local Newspaper, and is The Default.

“The storm on the abandoned farms and the area around it, is that the price of land continues to rise, so that young farmers are more and more difficult to get to start up a business,” says Vanessa Saenen, the president of the Farmers ‘ union. A comprehensive study by the Institute for Agricultural and fisheries research (ILVO), it appears that nearly four in ten of the vacant farms in the East of Flanders, will be converted into a villa, often with some paardenweides, and a large, hague and around. The phenomenon has a name: the verpaarding or vertuining of the country.

As a consequence, municipalities are concerned about the urbanization of the rural areas, “ranging from the hoevebewoners to increase the traffic on the tiny and remote landbouwwegen sure to samenlevingsproblemen between hoevebewoners, and the neighboring farmers, about problems, during fertilization, or the noise of the machinery at the weekend,” said ILVO. The problem of verpaarding would also show up in other states.