The Pro-League in The first match of the Jupiler Pro League in 2020-2021 will be on Friday 24th of July 2020 to be played, and twelve days after the final of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, in London. That was Pierre François, CEO of the Pro League, announced today at a press conference in Brussels, belgium. “We will start as usual early on.” Remarkably, the value-at-risk bus and disappears.

as in the current formula one season will be the first to competitiematch by 2020, kicked off in the last weekend of July. What is new is that the kalendermanager in the planning for next year already takes account of possible qualifiers for the Europa League and the Champions League. “This year has been difficult for our club to rest, with a view to the European campaign. For the next season, we already have a week’s reprieve on the fifth day,” said Francois.

Club Brugge, AA Gent and Antwerp, in August, the extra rest in order to be better prepared for the fight for European football. Even though there are no holes to be found in the calendar, they were on their last competitiematchen the heenwedstrijd in the final rounds is deferred. Antwerp-AA Gent, has been moved to Thursday the 21st of november. With a date set for the Charleroi-Club Brugge is still not there. In order that the next season will have to occur, the Pro League will now be a break in the schedule.

the Pro League gives green light to arbitrageplan of the Belgian football association

The board of directors of the Pro League, also set up the go-ahead to the plan of arbitration which the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) was established. The professional clubs of the plan, up to 300,000 euros on the table. “Our arbitration seems to be on the right track,” said Pro League CEO is Pierre-Francois. “In particular, the value at risk, we need to continue to coach.”

The Pro League and placed right-three points of qualification for the arbitrageplan. There were questions on the funding of the Pro-League and claimed a seat in front of François, in the scheidsrechtersdepartement, and the appointment of a technical director, arbitrage, Bertrand Layec was up for debate.

the funding of the arbitrageplan, which is the Pro League of 300,000 euros is going to cost, and the appointment of the Layec, was a quick settlement have been found. The mission of the Pro-League in the scheidsrechtersdepartement in line with the rules of the Wereldvoetbalbond DOWNLOAD. In the Pro League, which is, after all, the bulk of the funding to take care of, and looked, and was, therefore, in a creative way. There was a Liaison Committee, which includes representatives of the Pro League and the belgian football association on arbitration in the conversation can move on. On behalf of the Pro League and is the seat of Francois and together with the former referee, Luc Wouters. It is intended that the clubs will have their complaints about the arbitration, now, through the Liaison Committee to make it known. The new body looks at, among other things, on the development of the professional awards, the value at risk, and the recruitment of new officials.

Croonen: “the Belgian clearing-house is more than that of FIFA,”

The Wereldvoetbalbond to FIFA last week, a number of concrete proposals will be formulated for the wide variety of agents and conditions in the voetbalmilieu to deal with it. The Pro League is now a year, at the national level. “Well, We don’t have to wait for the winners, because we are already”, replied Peter Croonen, chairman of the Pro League on Monday.

maximum commission to real estate agents, one-sided representation of a transfer, a licentieverplichting a limit on the number of hired players, and as a clearing-house which stands on the commissiestromen: that is, the proposals put forward by the Wereldvoetbalbond, FIFA has launched, and allows to perform a review in order to provide more transparency in football, to get it.

in the Meantime, the Pro League itself is close to the roll-out of its clearinghouse. The final adoption of the legal framework will probably be on the 17th of december, be done, by which the clearing-house, in the summer of 2020, which will be in force. “We don’t have to wait for the winners of these initiatives have worked out,” says Croonen, after the board of directors of the Pro League. “FIFA’s proposals are going in the same direction as our actions. This confirms that we are on the right track. However, we are all much more than to the SIDE. We can, therefore, as a good example of what should be.”

all of The clubs received an update on the activities relating to the clearing-house, but we wanted to Croonen and CEO, Pierre-François, there is nothing to say.