Antwerp-Two of the apartment buildings on Or in the Ranking to sit for 18 hours with no electricity. Each block will have 220 apartments. Residents who wish to receive care in a center, but they must be first, the best thing to come down. The apartment buildings are eighteen stories tall.

The source of the massive blackout is in the hoogspanningscabine in the basement of one of the two.As a co-manager: “at 18 o’clock, there was suddenly a lot of smoke all around the car. After that came several explosions, and the next moment, fell down everywhere and the power is off. The cabin provides for two blocks of energy.”

Resident Marc la rue was sitting in his apartment on the sixth floor to watch television. “All of a sudden everything is gone, no picture, no sound, no lights, To the hall and burned the event of an emergency. I had been using the shutters to the terrace, a crack in the bottom left. So, I could just as well go for the roller shutters are electrically operated. From the comfort of my terrace, I saw the first fire trucks to arrive.”

The emergency services are rolled out to the medical emergency action plan it out. Residents who would prefer not to be in their apartment / s will be transferred to a service center. The fire department and the Red Cross is helping residents who have difficulty walking, are at the bottom.

all The long-timers have probably all night and into the morning with no electricity or hot water to make. Electricity, Fluxys examines what’s happening is the fastest it can be fixed.

Some people are looking to alternative means of transport. Their car was in the parking lot. Also, the electric gates will remain closed.

“on 18 floors up the stairs!”

Owner Kelsy Van Veldhoven has chosen to stay. “I’m at the bottom when the fire alarm went off. Over that time, as I live on the top floor. The stairway of eighteen stories down, it is not a piece of cake. I go, ‘ the seffens’ back to the top. My cat and my hamster to sit in. I would prefer not to have the whole night alone. With a thick blanket, I will have the honor. Wednesday morning, I have to 4.15 hours to get up to At work.”