Celebrities, as a Few people have been so inextricably linked with Christmas like Mariah Carey (49). As the holiday season begins, it is only when they are kicked off and her hit song, “All I want For Christmas Is You”, listening to many a christmas party at the. And She is enjoying herself too, if not for the festival, she says in Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK. All of it celebrates them, which, of course, in its own, offbeat way.

“Christmas officially begins on the 23rd of december, my extended family,” says Mariah Carey of Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK. “We may no longer be a couple, but Nick Cannon, Mariahs ex, ed.). usually comes to pass. And usually, we find ourselves, then, in Each (a luxury ski resort in the United States, ed.].” And the singer has to know why they have that luxury, ski resort, you: “It’s very glamorous, but I’m not going to go to Aspen. I’m going to show the activities where there are no paparazzi around.”

the Ride in the sledge,

The fun begins when She and her family are on the plane, “The truck drivers are to ensure that ” All I want For Christmas’ is playing, and that we have a hot chocolate and butterscotch tirage nurse. Then we will drive in an open-sleedoor in the woods, complete with blankets and a real, live reindeer. It was so cold, but so beautiful! You can watch the stars. Every year, I’m able to enjoy that amazing moment.”

the home was beautifully decorated with several christmas trees, a star, and if She is looking for. “We have a christmas tree in the master bedroom, and a big tree in the living room with the decorations I had to have. The golden lights combined with the lights in white, complete with white dresses, and butterflies. And, like spike, we have to either be a star or an angel. Then, we also have a christmas tree in the family room, which we have for the ” Charlie Brown tree and call the main character of the comic strip ‘Peanuts’, ed.). It has a hollow small tree, which we decorated with Polaroid pictures of ourselves and where we can buy items on the drawing. The tree gets colored lights, very classy. The kids and I will decorate the little tree in the bottom as the tree to decorate it, it is very difficult, because it is close to 6 feet tall.”