Football-the Dutch and The Belgian football association are going to continue to do research on the start-up of the BeNeLeague, in a joint competition with the English clubs. That is, the BOARD itself.

Just in time for the summer of 2019 at the latest, the G5, in Belgium (AA Gent, Club Brugge, KRC Genk, RSC Anderlecht and Standard Liege) and six clubs from the Netherlands (Ajax Amsterdam, AZ Alkmaar, FC Utrecht, Feyenoord Rotterdam, PSV Eindhoven and Vitesse) and started working on the idea of a cross-border competition, the so-called ” BeNeLiga’, to take a closer look. The idea is that the gap between it and the five largest European leagues can be reduced.

“The member clubs have decided to, in a first phase, a feasibility study for the theoretical value of the BeNeLiga”, says the press release of the Dutch fa (KNVB). “This study is the wide-voetbalbelang with it is facilitated by the national associations (DUTCH and belgian football association). That study has now been carried out by Deloitte. The results of the first phase is to confirm that the new BeNeLiga the potential to significantly waardeverhogend it is.”

“On the basis of the findings decided that the initiators of the project and that there are sufficient grounds to proceed to a second phase of the feasibility study. This is, among others, have focused on the competitieformaat of the BeNeLiga, and the effects it can have on the local and regional contests, as well as an impact study has been done by the club.”