Europa League, but the Standard is still alive in Europe. The Rouches were a key to victory against Eintracht Frankfurt, germany, after the fall of Maxime Lestienne, the winning goal scored in the injury time was 2-1. Thus, there Standard of the Germans on to second place in group F.

Michel Preud’homme dropped: Renaud Emond and Duje Cop is in the base, against Eintracht Frankfurt, Saturday, is the big Bayern Munich in a 5-1-pandoering them. The Rouches were to win the war against the Germans to increase their chances of a European winter, a cool-to-love. Is not a simple one.

After you have a moderate openingshalfuur were given to the visitors in the 35th minute with a reuzenkans in the 0 to 1. He Sow offered Andre Silva for the opening goal, but the attacker would need the leather to be incomprehensible at the stake. A huge miss from the Portuguese.

At the start of the peace was also granted the Standard of a great opportunity. The Cop came up, with some luck in front of goal, but it wasn’t in the nets to shake. His shot ended up right next to the cage, Frederik Rønnow. The relief when ‘that Adlerträger’.